Robert Greenwood is the CEO of Casco. He has been employed with Casco since 2004, and has worked for 32 years in services for people with disabilities. Robert is in charge of all administrative tasks at Casco, including the oversight of all programs and supports. He attends the quarterly meeting with the Missouri Sheltered Workshop Managers Association. He is also the treasurer for the MASWM. With extraordinary leadership, Robert Greenwood has dedicated his skills to Casco's success thus far and it continually striving for new heights.


Shanda Greenwood is the Director of Human Resources. She is responsible for assessing the human resource needs of the corporation, advertising and recruiting the best qualified personnel for available positions within the economic constraints of the corporation. Her department is also responsible for payroll and benefits of all employees.

Sue Hilton is the Director of Finance. Sue is in charge of all of Casco's finances, including accounts payable and receivable, fiscal year budgeting and risk management. She helps to mange cash flow with our funding sources. 


Shauna Hasek is the Director of Environment of Care. Shauna is responsible for all aspects of housekeeping, safety program, maintenance of the facility, grounds, vehicles, legislative action and equipment. She is also responsible for the technology at Casco. Her department consists of a safety coordinator, and facility maintenance. 


Phil Hilton is the Director of Facility Employment. Phil is responsible for the oversight of all production. Phil is also responsible for obtaining and maintaining job contracts. 


Cheryl Wall is the Production Manager. Cheryl is responsible for the oversight of the production floor and the completion of production.


Cindy Kelso is the Sewing Manager. Cindy is responsible for the oversight of the Sewing Department, which includes government and commercial sewing contracts.


Deana Miller is the Director of Consumer Supports.  Deana is responsible for managing all aspects of support for certified production employees, including medication administration, personal care, interpersonal relationships between clients, and advocacy. 


Shannan Jeffries is the Director of Home and Community Based Services. Shannan is responsible for the oversight of Day Services, Community Employment Services, Residential, Personal Assistance and Community Integration. She is also responsible for behavior support training.


Taisha Powell is the Day Services Manager. Taisha is in charge of the Day Services Program, Personal Assistance, and Community Integration. Taisha is responsible for supervising the Direct Support Staff that provide these services.


Rachel Schliem is the Director of Program Supports. Rachel is responsible for the supervision of Persons Served files, transportation, and the kitchen. Rachel assists certified employees with intake planning and giving tours of Casco.  Rachel is Casco's Corporate Compliance Officer and Employee Relations Officer.


Tiffiany Hinton is the Director of Targeted Case Management. Tiffiany is responsible for oversight of the Targeted Case Management Program. Tiffiany is also responsible for the oversight of the Community Resource Department.


Andrea Kenagy is the Support Coordinator Supervisor. Andrea is responsible for oversight of the Support Coordination team.