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Community Resources

Heart n Hand

Heart-n-Hand is an organization that concentrates their services on the homeless population. A few of these services include providing lunches and hygiene needs. Joe Barron, Casco's Community Resource Specialist works alongside Heart-n-Hand, providing resources such as Medicaid, food stamps, housing, and employment opportunities to individuals in need.

Chamber of Commerce

Casco works with the Harrisonville Chamber of Commerce, scheduling business luncheons with Cass County to provide information to the community about Casco and its services. The Chamber of Commerce also assists Casco with advertisement of Casco's fundraising events.

Sharing Scholarship Opportunities

Every year Casco awards the "Empowering Futures" Scholarship to high school students in Cass County with disabilities striving to further their education. Casco encourages qualifying students to participate.


Casco is a non-profit organization that accepts year-long donations that helps to provide meaningful and fun events for our consumers. If you would like to support Casco and its mission with a donation, please contact Carly Hulvy (Finance Assistant) at

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