Casco Board

Karen Meador - Casco.JPG

Karen Meader

Board President

Peggy Kutchback.jpg

Peggy Kutchback

Board Member

Dave Peterson-Casco.JPG

Dave Peterson

Vice President

Nancy Baalman-Casco.JPG

Nancy Baalman

Board Member

Sharon Marshall-Casco.JPG

Sharon Marshall


Katie Huff - Casco.JPG

Katie Huff

Board Member

Sharon Cumpton-Casco.JPG

Sharon Cumpton


John Fogel-Casco.JPG

John Fogle

Board Member

Randy Jones_edited.jpg

Randy Jones
Board Member

Crystal Osborn-Casco.jpg

Crystal Osborn

Board Member

Wayne Scrudder - Casco.JPG

Wayne Scrudder

Board Member


Mike Wagner

Board Member

This is the governing board of Casco that makes decisions to keep Casco effectively developing programs and services sensitive to their changing needs and expectations.

Cass County Board of Services

Nancy Cartmill-CCB.JPG

Nancy Cartmill

Board President

Steve Breashers-CCB.JPG

Steve Breshears

Vice President

JoAnn Johnson-CCB.JPG

Jo Ann



Bill Shoopman-CCB.JPG

Bill Shoopman Board

Tom O'Conner-CCB.JPG

Tom O'Connor

Board Member

Oren Bates-CCB.JPG

Oren Bates Board Member

Mike Abbott-CCB.JPG

Mike Abbott Board Member

Sherri Gallick.JPG

Sherri Gallick
Board Member

Anita Brown.JPG

Anita Brown

 Board Member

This board is appointed by the Cass County Commissioners. The Cass County Board of Services provides opportunity and enhancement to Cass County citizens with disabilities within their funding guidelines.